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                    You'll find TheSherman Travel Humidor worldwide. You might even of
                    caught a U.S. Navy fighter pilot on C.N.N sporting our humidor while in Bosnia.

Please take the time to read these customer comments below. If you would like to
send us feedback, please don't hesitate.  We do not sell, or give out any information
on our customers-period. We respect your privacy and will only use your last name or web alias.
send your comments to:

" I got my Sherman yesterday. I put in water and PG last night. This
morning 70%. The box looks indestructible, but it's light. It seems really
well designed. Good job. I look forward to my Thanksgiving weekend trip
even more now. " 
                                From:    G Q. Snyder


" Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Sherman 30. I couldn't wait to
open it to see if your claims were accurate. Absolutely on the money is
my opinion now that I have examined your product from stem to stern.

Your site pictures don't do justice to the rugged construction and
attention to detail that I found today. The Sherman reminds me of the
rugged equipment boxes I used when I was in the Navy. Those were no
more indestructible than yours and likely cost the taxpayers a great
deal more.

I am planning a trip to see a good buddy of mine in L.A. soon and my
Habanos will be flying with me in your box. The 30 insures me of
plenty, delicious and fresh Cubans for the entire trip. Terrific.
They'll be safe and sound no doubt. Now if I can only keep my other
friends from mooching them all, I'll be set.

With the high capacity, maybe I can do some trading as well or just
bring home a bunch of West Coast cigars. I can always get cigars
cheaper by the box, but, until now, I usually had to confine them to my
luggage or carry ons. This tended to let them get jostled around
against each other. Worse yet, the box sometimes would get crushed. No
more damaged goods now with the Sherman 30.

A good product in all respects folks.

Thanks for listening. "

                           From:    D Spires


" Thank you for the shipment on the Sherman Travel Humidor. It is a nice
product with excellent construction. It will really come in handy for me
because I like to go camping a lot and did not want a traveldor that is made
of wood. That would be nice if you were a salesman traveling from hotel to
hotel. I needed something more rugged. I will use the Sherman for my cruise
to the southern Caribbean to protect my favorite sticks.
Thanks again and to think at just a fraction of the cost of the "other"
product. "
                           From :   G. George


" I used my new humidor on a trip to San Diego last week. I checked it with my
baggage to see how it would fare. It was as if it had never left my office.
What a product! Do you have distributorships available? If so, I would like
to know what territories are open. "

                            From:      S. Dale


"  Thanks, and I will continue to recommend the Sherman as the best travel humidor
   because IT IS!! "
                           From: R. Levine


" You will always have a place in this MBCLs heart. I love the Sherman I got Saturday,
and now I love your idea of customer service. "

                          From: R.Brown


" Received the model 30 this morning. It only took 2 days from CA. WOW, I can't
even get a letter to my mother in that time and she's only 50 miles away. "

                          From: H. Greese


" Well, after all the great talk on this board about the Sherman, I decided
to go ahead and order one. I put my order in on Monday, and fully expected
for it to take at least a week to get to me. I was just hoping that I got it before
my trip to LasVegas at the end of next week. I arrived home yesterday with a
note that I had a package. I went to retrieve it thinking that it would be another
package that I was expecting. Well I was totally surprised when it was a box
from Noremark Industries with my new Sherman 30 inside. Ordered Monday
afternoon, shipped Tuesday morning and arrived on Thursday. What a great
company with excellent customer service and a great product for a very good
price. And I have plenty of time to prep it before my Vegas trip. Life is good. "

                           From:   MDGriff


" After several Crown Royals last night, I decided to show all my friends how great the
Sherman is. I GENTLY placed it in the pool, and it did float. I wasn't intoxicated enough to
actually hold it underwater, though.  I got mine last week as a gift from a fellow family member,
and I am thoroughly impressed so far. Great product ! "

                           From: Ramblin' Wreck


" I bought the 18 cigar economy model and just returned from a four day
trip. Have to say that the humidor worked out beautifully. It exceeded
my expectation for ruggedness... you could run over the thing with a
car, drop it in the lake or throw it against the wall without damaging
your cigars! "
                          From: ŞCigarFish


" I wanted to let everyone know that if you need a good traveldor"
" this is a top notch traveldor and these folks are a good company to buy from. They do
   what they say there going to do."

                         From: Cigar Disciple


" Got the Sherman 18 this spring before I went on a trip to
Seattle. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of cigars with me to avoid
the Washington state tax. The Sherman worked great, no problem
with dried out or damaged cigars. The hygrometer was on the money. I
did get a strange look when my carry-on baggage went through the
x-ray machine at the Hagerstown, MD airport. The guy monitoring the
machine asked me what it was because the machine only showed a
dark object and I had to pull it out and show him. "

                           From: Shadow


" Purcashed the Sherman 30 after seeing a friends.I can't believe how much I
love this product.It does a great job of protecting my cigars and reads 70%
all the time.I'm already thinking of getting another. "

                          From:    Oppie x


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